NEC SV8100 Telephone Systems

NEC SV8100 Telephone Systems

NEC SV8100 Get the most out of integrated voice, video, data and a powerful, open mobility solution

Choosing the right communications solution can be tricky. Is it value for money? Will it increase employee productivity? And more importantly, is it a future-proof system that keeps up with technology? A tough call – especially in unpredictable economic times. If you are considering investing in your communications platform, you need to make sure the technology will stand the test of time.

Why the SV8100?

It works. You get a cost effective foundation for your investment, it’s easily expanded, grows with your business, and you only pay for what you need. Desk or system phones can be upgraded and productivity and management applications added at any time.

Best of all, the SV8100 brings your team together by combining the communications of your entire workforce whether behind a desk, on the road, in the warehouse or at the branch office. The result? Communication cost savings, a more productive and customer focused workforce.

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NEC SV8100 Powerfully versatile

The NEC SV8100 Telephone System is the ideal communication solution for almost any workplace, including:

  • The small office –
    Aggressively priced compared to other smaller systems, but with enormous scaleability as a business grows.
  • The small to medium sized business –
    The NEC SV8100 offers productivity and efficiency tools that are usually associated with more expensive, large corporate systems.
  • The call centre –
    Powerful call management software ensures both your workforce and customer service levels are optimised at all times.
  • The branch office –
    These can benefit from highly cost-effective unique Netlink features – allowing multiple systems to operate as one. Netlink also offers multiple business continuity options.
  • The homeworker –
    The latest VoIP technology ensures costs are minimised, and access to system features are maximised.
  • The mobile worker –
    Whether on-site or out in the field, our comprehensive mobile connectivity solutions ensure a user is contactable whenever and wherever they are. Cutting-edge features such as mobile extension are delivered with no additional cost.
  • Hotels and hospitality –
    A range of specific features that will enhance a guest’s hospitality experience, while at the same time optimising staff efficiency.
  • Healthcare environments –
    By simplifying and enhancing the communication process health professionals have more time to spend with patients. Response time is also improved substantially.
  • Specialised professions –
    Legal and finance professions benefit from features such as call recording, which is effortless, easily accessed and completely secure.
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